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Hiking in Nagorno-Karabakh during an armed conflict

Arriving into Stepankert—Nagorno-Karabakh’s capital—under the premises of an ongoing armed conflict with Azerbaijan, a dispute that has been going on for decades and has cost the lives of thousands of people, dimmed the light that had been shining in my eyes since the first moment I read about the possibility of a solo-trek across this highly problematic region…. (continue reading)

Las agresiones personales no tienen justificación

Hoy desperté bajo la leve caricia de una mano insólita recorriendo mi brazo con rumbo a mi entrepierna. Con la mente aún adormecida, mi cuerpo paralizado momentáneamente y sin saber qué hacer, intenté ignorar el hecho de que mi anfitrión de Couchsurfing estaba intentando algo conmigo. “Tal vez fue un error,” me justifiqué. Después de… (continue reading)


My name is Sergio Camalich and I’m a Mexican Web Designer who, almost miraculously, has managed to keep freelancing and traveling around the world since 2014.

I created The Arcae Project as a way of sharing my photos and experiences with anyone interested in traveling and who might be inspired by this; also, as proof that it is not mandatory to be a millionaire to fulfill your wanderlusting urges.

Click here to learn more about me and The Arcae Project and don’t be shy and contact me.

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