10 things you should try to avoid while traveling

By Rocko San

So we’ve all heard about a friend of a friend that finally gets some time off to get out of his/her hometown, to travel around, maybe to other country or so, and all they do is waste they’re traveling time doing things they could do at home. Or maybe they’re scared of meeting new people or just too lazy to wake up early and find a nice place for breakfast. Or maybe the simple fact of being in a place they do not know and never have been before, frightens them more than they thought. However we know that all of this negative attitudes can ruin your trip.

This is why The Arcae Project brings you a list of things you shouldn’t do while backpacking:

1- Wake up too late to the sun of mid-day.

I mean, c’mon! I agree that waking up for the routine of school or work during regular days is boring and that bed sounds like a better option, but once you’re kilometers away from that routine there is no excuse to not feel excited to enjoy the whole day from dawn to sunset, exploring, and discovering new people and places.

2- Gender degradation.

And I think this one goes for the girls: I know it’s a dangerous world out there, and all travellers must have caution on what they’re doing and where they’re going, but saying that you can’t do something because you’re “girls” and it’s safer for “guys”, could really ruin the possibility of meeting great people or going to incredible places. Of course it’s always more fun if you travel in the company of your friends.

Don’t limit yourselves, be smart and stay safe!

3- Forgetting to double check your ID’s or legal papers in case of being in a foreign country.

Simply remember that your local ID might not as well work in a bar someplace outside your country, your official ID is your passport. And by all means, do not lose them.

4- Judging and having a closed mentality.

Remember that there is a world out there that not only goes from your house to the limits of your city. There are people with different mentalities, different looks, different manners, and might some times be really different to us, but respect is worldwide.

Plus, judging people while on the road will only close you doors.

5- Buying things you don’t need.

When you’re out there on the road, one of the most important things is budget, so if you think that buying lots and lots of souvenirs will keep you more days with a backpack on your back, it wont. First of all because you will finish your money really quick, and second because you wont find space to put your brand new items and take them home. And well, even if you find the cheapest hostels, I’d rather have one more night in a beach than a new pair of snickers. Just remember to watch your expenses.

6- Do not carry all your money out at once.

Be smart and always leave some in a safe place that only you know, some hostels even have lockers. Take always good care of your important stuff.

7- Don’t over plan.

Don’t freak out if you go 2 hours off track, or if the flight you were planning on getting got full – this is actually the beauty, fun, and the best part of backpacking: the freedom that allows you to spend a few more nights in the places you really liked and to leave early the ones that don’t really take your fancy.

8- Fridge overweighted backpack.

If you’re moving a lot within your travels it isn’t smart to use one of those fancy cart suitcases. Remember to always travel light, just the necessary, since it will be cheaper and a lot more comfortable. For this, do invest on a fine backpack, and while out there do not bother in keeping it clean, thieves will ignore it the more worn out it is.

Also. don’t forget the packing roll method. Folding is for novices.

9- Do not precipitate.

If you’re alone at night in a bar with a bunch of newly made friends and someone decides to call the party to his/her apartment, always take yourself as the priority. If you don’t feel comfortable going, or simply do not trust enough or think that it might put at risk your safety, don’t go. If you’re doing so with your friends, always take care of one another.

10- If something unexpected happens, don’t let it ruin your trip.

In the words of John Lennon, “Life is what happens while you’re busy making plans”.

Where next?