(lat., noun) Ark, Something affording protection; safety, shelter, refuge.

The perfect way for treasuring memories of an epic journey across life itself.

About The Arcae Project

My name is Sergio Camalich and I’m a Mexican Web Designer who, almost miraculously, has managed to keep freelancing and traveling around the world since 2014.

The idea behind The Arcae Project started in 2013, product of my desire to travel for a long time while documenting the whole process.

I never intended for it to be a Round-The-World trip, but after almost 2 years, 25 countries across 3 continents and enough of stories to tell for a lifetime, I think I find myself in the middle of one.

My main focus for the blog is sharing as many beautiful pictures as possible and showcasing a more personal insight to whatever is happening to me at a certain moment, whether it is travel related or no.

I’m hopeful that, through what I share on my blog, more people will realise that we are lucky to live on an era where you don’t have to be a millionaire to travel, that the only fear we should have is the fear of missing opportunities and that the only thing it takes to accomplish your goals is to set your mind on the right path and work as hard as possible.


Being Zen at Butterfly Valley, Turkey



With a lot of effort, I’ve created a special bond with clients all around the world, who trust me with their projects and ideas where Graphic and Web designing/development is involved.

I’m a big fan of slow traveling—something I consider key when doing this long-term traveling thing—and this gives me the opportunity, not only of being able to finish my work, but to get to know the local culture a little bit more.

If you’d like to help me continue with this project, consider hiring me for your projects, buy one of my photo prints or donate!

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