Ban Gioc, Vietnam

Arriving to Tac Bang Gioc, on the Vietnamese border with China

By Sergio Camalich

We woke up before sunrise that day, so we would have enough time to make it down to Thac Ban Gioc–right in the border with China–and back to Cao Bang on a single day.

Basically cramming a 2-days ride into a single one, after having committed to a detour that would take us deeper North that we had first expected.

But true to what people had told us, the whole Cao Bang district ended up being a true delight to drive through.

With a uniquely beautiful landscape, I can be sure we all were teary-eyed at different times during our days there, and having reached Ban Gioc within the schedule we had said gave us the necessary morale boost to finish our tour with great energies.

Pictured: A group of Chinese tourists approach Thac Ban Gioc in one of the many boats one can hire from the Chinese side of the waterfall–seen from the Vietnamese side.

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