Hermosillo, Mexico

Beautiful sunset at Hermosillo

By Sergio Camalich

Almost 3 years ago, I left Hermosillo to go and live in Mexico City. And even though I fell completely in love with the capital, there were still a couple of things I constantly kept missing.

One of these things was my hometown’s truly astonishing sunsets.

I believe it might be a mixture of the desert heat, a constant state dehydration and group hallucinations; but there’s no denying the fact that Hermosillo has some of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen in my life.

That’s why, as soon as I came back to Hermosillo, I insisted on going to the top of the Cerro de la Campana just before night time, so we could have a privileged view of the sun going down in the horizon.

Even though there were hundreds of people waiting for the sunset, I was able to jump over a small security wall and stand all alone on a small patch of land, admiring the whole city as the sky changed colors, with storm clouds coming from the North.

After a while, I was able to take out my tripod and take as many pictures as I wanted, before going back to the safe area and continued walking towards the top of the hill.

Man, oh man! Did I miss these sunsets…

Technical stuff

Camera: Nikon D5300
Shutter speed: 1/8
Aperture: F/25
Focal length: 30mm


  • Andy Rodríguez

    UF! son un deleite los atardeceres de nuestra ciudad! Y eso que ha crecido bastante, pero sigue manteniendo ese aire de ciudad pequeña en medio del desierto.

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