Calakmul, Mexico

Calakmul, a photo essay

By Sergio Camalich

Calakmul has been—by far—my favorite mayan site of this journey, so far. Not only because of the rewarding feeling of reaching it after a really hard trip, but also because of its rawness and impressive beauty.

Located 60km away from any sign of civilization, you can’t get anything more authentic than this.

For now, I’ll leave you with some pictures of Calakmul and a promise to write a full guide on how to reach it on a budget.

DSC_0132The road that leads to Calakmul—not many cars pass through here.

Pirámide CalakmulStructure II is the biggest pyramid of Calakmul. Look at the left corner for some reference. DSC_0156Wild turkeys, foxes and xerekes are just some of the animals you can see in site 

DSC_0158They are trying to preserve as many trees as possible to give a more authentic feeling DSC_0182The pyramids that give Calakmul its name—”The city of the two adjacent pyramids”. Don’t ask what I had to do to take this picture.

DSC_0164On top of the pyramids, the falcons will try to murder you… or not. DSC_0173I love seen structures coming out from the tree tops

DSC_0175Ok, I surrender! To take the pyramids picture, we had to climb to the roof of this temple. DSC_0198My camping site

Where next?