Mahahual, Mexico

Camping in Mahahual, Mexico

By Sergio Camalich

Mahahual is a small and developing town in southern Quintana Roo, on the Yucatan Peninsula, mostly known for being the place where the Central American coral reef starts, which attracts hundreds of tourists in search of good diving/snorkeling experience.

My first impression of Mahahual was that it felt like a little Cancún, with its streets full of typical ‘gringos’, signs inviting you to drink every 3 meters, big cruise ships in the background and even a Mr. Frogs.

In spite of that, Mahahual is slowly attracting more and more backpackers every year and proof of this is the several camping spots you’ll find all along the beach.

After looking for a bit, I chose the camping spot right in front of Las Cabañas del Doctor—a small area of semi-private beach outside of town and away from the noises coming from the main street.

Since it is a “long” way to get there(10min, walking), you don’t see many tourists around and during the 3 days I spent camping there, I was the only one on that beach—waking up at sunrise everyday and swimming my way down to the coral reef.

The costs of Mahahual

Camping: $11us per night
Snorkeling gear: $5us per day

  • Steve Manning

    Wonderful location I would recommend you check the cruise ship timetable (search online) and stay at least a couple of days when they are not in town then you see the true beauty of Mahahual.

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