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The mayan community of San Miguel, Belize

Whenever I thought of Belize, I mostly thought of it as a Caribbean paradise, an odd mix between English and the Garifuna culture. Never did I realise that—now obvious—it must have had an old indigenous past, as well. Deep inside the Toledo District in Belize, you’ll find a very special kind of Mayan communities: small towns spread through the jungle,… (continue reading)

Going slow at Caye Caulker

From the moment I arrived at Caye Caulker, I felt the change of speed in my body. I still don’t know if it’s the sandy streets or the calm pace of everyone in Caye Caulker, that attracts thousands of backpackers every year, specially during the high season. I know I had the paralysing need of taking out my shirt… (continue reading)

My favorite adventures of 2014

They say life is an adventure but this 2014 has been way more adventurous than any other year in my life and I couldn’t be more happy about it! Ever since I started this project and decided to quit my job and travel, something switched in my mind. For the better, of course! I know we still… (continue reading)

Best snorkeling in Belize: Hol Chan

One of the great things you can do while in Belize is take a dive in the Hol Chan reserve, swim with turtles, rays, sharks and dozens of other species. Check out this video to see what it is like to snorkel in Hol Chan.

Travel Diary #05

Every two weeks I’ll be publishing little excerpts from my travel diary to show a little bit more of what I live every day. These are taken from November 1 through 15. November 01 New month, new country. Welcome to Feliz Belize! 02 Too much free rum punch. CAN’T. MOVE. 03 Today I met the first mexican… (continue reading)