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Hiking in Nagorno-Karabakh during an armed conflict

Arriving into Stepankert—Nagorno-Karabakh’s capital—under the premises of an ongoing armed conflict with Azerbaijan, a dispute that has been going on for decades and has cost the lives of thousands of people, dimmed the light that had been shining in my eyes since the first moment I read about the possibility of a solo-trek across this highly problematic region…. (continue reading)

San Juan Chamula: The mestizo church

When I was in primary school, they always told us about how the Spanish missionaries had to adapt all the different indigenous religions so the natives could be converted to Catholicism, but I never truly understood how they managed to do this or how was it like. San Juan Chamula is the place where it all made sense. Located around 15km away from… (continue reading)

The famous Omelette Man saved my ass in Jodhpur

It was 2011 and it was the last part of my 2 month trip in Southeast Asia, where I traveled with an ex-girlfriend through China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and India. We were in Jodhpur, the beautiful Blue City, with the imposing Mehrangarh Fort as a background, craving some non-indian food since our stomachs were having… (continue reading)