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¿Qué has estado aprendiendo últimamente?

Todos aquellos que me conocen, sabrán que una de las cosas que más disfruto de la vida es bailar. En mi familia, cuentan la historia de cómo de peque me encantaba adueñarme del centro de la pista al ritmo de Caló. “¡Ponte atento!”, todos a coro. Qué decir de la fortuna de mi nombre, herencia… (continue reading)

Mardin is a gem in the middle of the Silk Road

The further I got into Eastern Turkey, the more I heard about the mystical city of Mardin—placed on top of a hill, overlooking the plains of Mesopotamia and once a very important hub for everyone trying to make their way through the Silk Road. There’s a reason why every tour agency includes Mardin as one of its top… (continue reading)

An afternoon fishing with locals in Antalya

I gotta be honest, my first impression of Antalya was not good. After spending more than a week almost by myself in the isolated town of Olympos, coming back to such a big hub was simply striking. Dozens of resorts along the coast line, millions of people all over the place and a traffic jam only comparable to the ones I… (continue reading)

Finding our way through the Tatra Mountains

You know that feeling you get when you’re certain you’re about to do something stupid? That beeping sound in your head—your instinct telling you to get the hell out of there, you dumbass. Well, that was me at almost 2,000 meters above sea-level, as we were deciding whether we should continue walking forwards over the Tatra Mountains ridge line… (continue reading)

Celebrating Hanal Pixán, the mayan Day of the Dead

As we were walking down the stairs leading into the Cenote de La Vida—Cenote of Life—guided only by the flickering light of candles at regular intervals; the sound of drums, horns and chants were echoing all around the walls of this semi-dry cenote. Huge trees were shadowing the main area where the rest of the ceremony… (continue reading)

Here’s to Utila, my home in Honduras

Some of you might know about my original plans of traveling all the way across Latin America, when I first started this trip in 2014. Little did I know that, not even half-way through the journey, this little island off the coast of Honduras would come across my path and ruin them. For the better. Utila was… (continue reading)

El Tunco, a surfing paradise in El Salvador

El Tunco, a small surfer town in El Salvador, was the first place I visited in the country and the last spot of my 2014. After passing a couple of months without surfing(as if I surfed a lot), I was more than excited to try it one more time and I was even happier since I was traveling with my friends Zoé… (continue reading)

Camping in Mahahual, Mexico

Mahahual is a small and developing town in southern Quintana Roo, on the Yucatan Peninsula, mostly known for being the place where the Central American coral reef starts, which attracts hundreds of tourists in search of good diving/snorkeling experience. My first impression of Mahahual was that it felt like a little Cancún, with its streets full of… (continue reading)

The hot waterfall of Finca Paraíso

I first read about this place while browsing my feed around Trover and was immediately skeptical of its veracity, so when I decided to change my travel route and go back to southern Belize, it was only fair to make a small detour to Río Dulce, Guatemala and from there, experience this place with my… (continue reading)

Walking from Xela to Lake Atitlán

Quetzaltenango—also known as Xela—is the second biggest city in Guatemala and it is mostly known because of its beauty and its nearness to several volcanos, incluiding Tajumulco—the highest peak in Central America. But for everyone who’s really interested in experiencing beautifully demanding hikes and also has the time for it, Xela offers this alternative trek: The 3-day… (continue reading)