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Bar Hopping: The amazing cantinas of Mérida

Cantinas are one of Mexico’s specialties—places where people gather to drink cold beer, eat cheap snacks and good food, if you’re lucky. They can be fancy, they can be crappy, but one thing is certain: You’ll always have a good time in them. When I left Mexico City, I truly believed there were the best cantinas… (continue reading)

Eating my way through Guadalajara

The first thing I noticed when I mentioned I was going to Guadalajara is that everyone over there is super proud of all their local food, so doing a post about most of their specialities was a no-brainer. I arrived at ‘Guanatos’—as the locals call it—on an afternoon, and from that moment I had a little bit more… (continue reading)

Eating at the San Juan market

Continuing with my series of posts about being a tourist in your own city, I decided to go to one of the most famous markets in Mexico City, and one in which I had never been to before: the San Juan market, which is located near the city’s downtown. I’d heard wonderful things about this… (continue reading)