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Las agresiones personales no tienen justificación

Hoy desperté bajo la leve caricia de una mano insólita recorriendo mi brazo con rumbo a mi entrepierna. Con la mente aún adormecida, mi cuerpo paralizado momentáneamente y sin saber qué hacer, intenté ignorar el hecho de que mi anfitrión de Couchsurfing estaba intentando algo conmigo. “Tal vez fue un error,” me justifiqué. Después de… (continue reading)

The day I almost ruined my trip

I had started that day with a great attitude, ready to hitchhike my way up to Batumi, after almost 3 months of traveling and falling in love with Turkey and everything it has to offer. Having been hosted for one last time in Trabzon, early in the morning I met with my friend Anil and made… (continue reading)

Looking down the Butterfly Valley

Driving through the desert, a busy bar on the Caribbean, a dark café in Warsaw, stranded on an unknown road, a bunch of places I’ve never been before and a myriad of many more confusing acts—my mind is jumping from thought to thought at a scary speed. Image after image showing up before me, like… (continue reading)

An honest opinion about Pamukkale

We can’t deny the fact that Pamukkale is an incredibly beautiful place and there’s a reason why it’s been famous across the globe for thousands of years. It’s pristine white layers of calcium which resemble cotton—thus giving this place its name—and the turquoise blue of its hot springs are a sight that no one on their right judgment should miss…. (continue reading)

2015 — The year I lost

2015 will be marked in my books as the year I was a complete loser. I lost my fear of water and spent hundreds of hours underwater. I lost my sense of direction and ended up where I had to. I lost to someone better than me and felt proud about it. I lost a lot of… (continue reading)

This is my travel gear

When planning for a backpacking trip, one of the biggest problems you’ll face is deciding what to bring and what not to bring. If you search around the internet, you’ll find hundreds—if not thousands—of posts featuring the ultimate packing list, but since everyone has different needs while traveling, those amazing lists might not suit you. One thing is… (continue reading)

Dealing with your fears

People always think you have to be fearless to do all the awesome things you wanna do in life, but I couldn’t disagree more. Fear is the one thing that will keep you alive and alert. Fear is the one thing that will help you focus in any given situation. Embrace your fears! Get to know… (continue reading)