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Göreme is a paradise for hikers

I arrived to Cappadocia on an overnight bus from Antalya and, after having spent several days on the sunny coast, stepping out into the cold streets of Göreme was like entering a dream. The sun was barely rising and as I walked up the slippery cobblestone streets, dozens of hot air balloons floated silently over my head. Unmoving, you could think they have always been there,… (continue reading)

The first time I saw Mount Ararat

Coming into Doğubeyazıt from Van is breathtaking if you don’t know what to expect. As we were rushing through the crumbled road, I kept searching through the window, trying to identify Mount Ararat without luck. Still not sure of what I was looking for, my mouth dropped to the ground as we passed the last… (continue reading)

Shooting stars at Morskie Oko

We were the only people sitting outside in the cold at -6°C, standing in the middle of Morskie Oko, trying not to think of the warm shelter in front of us while our cameras pointed towards the sky. The ice cracked under our feet and the occasional movement of water made the whole think shake… (continue reading)

Here’s to Utila, my home in Honduras

Some of you might know about my original plans of traveling all the way across Latin America, when I first started this trip in 2014. Little did I know that, not even half-way through the journey, this little island off the coast of Honduras would come across my path and ruin them. For the better. Utila was… (continue reading)

Hiking Tajumulco—The highest volcano in Central America

From the moment I realised Tajumulco was the highest volcano in Central America—more than 4200m high—I made it my goal to see the world from the top, an amazing hike through the Guatemalan wilderness, completely different from the hike I had done to El Mirador, but incredibly beautiful nonetheless. On the way to the top The hike… (continue reading)

Camping in Mahahual, Mexico

Mahahual is a small and developing town in southern Quintana Roo, on the Yucatan Peninsula, mostly known for being the place where the Central American coral reef starts, which attracts hundreds of tourists in search of good diving/snorkeling experience. My first impression of Mahahual was that it felt like a little Cancún, with its streets full of… (continue reading)

The hot waterfall of Finca Paraíso

I first read about this place while browsing my feed around Trover and was immediately skeptical of its veracity, so when I decided to change my travel route and go back to southern Belize, it was only fair to make a small detour to Río Dulce, Guatemala and from there, experience this place with my… (continue reading)

Bacalar and the lagoon of the 7 colors

Bacalar is a small town located in the southern part of the mexican state of Quintana Roo. Frequently overlooked by tourists in search of white sands and turquoise waters, it is still kind of a lost jewel in the Yucatán Península. What makes Bacalar so beautiful? Its huge multicolored lagoon, with 7 different hues, white sands and mangroves which… (continue reading)

The pink waters of Las Coloradas

When I first heard of Las Coloradas and later saw the pictures on the internet, I was a little bit skeptical of its veracity, but my curiosity was strong enough that it forced my pal Vincent and I to leave the lovely city of Valladolid for a quick day trip to the northern part of the mexican state of… (continue reading)