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Here’s to Utila, my home in Honduras

Some of you might know about my original plans of traveling all the way across Latin America, when I first started this trip in 2014. Little did I know that, not even half-way through the journey, this little island off the coast of Honduras would come across my path and ruin them. For the better. Utila was… (continue reading)

The beautiful secrets of Lake Yojoa

I have to admit it, before going to Honduras for the first time, I was part of that big group of travellers who are afraid of passing through it because of the bad publicity the country has around the world. A lot of the backpackers I met while I was living there saw Honduras(and El Salvador,… (continue reading)

Travel Diary #09

Every two weeks I’ll be publishing little excerpts from my travel diary to show a little bit more of what I live every day. These are taken from January 1 through 15. January 01 Starting a new year and I feel the same as yesterday. I love it. 02 I haven’t met a single Salvadorian who… (continue reading)