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Las agresiones personales no tienen justificación

Hoy desperté bajo la leve caricia de una mano insólita recorriendo mi brazo con rumbo a mi entrepierna. Con la mente aún adormecida, mi cuerpo paralizado momentáneamente y sin saber qué hacer, intenté ignorar el hecho de que mi anfitrión de Couchsurfing estaba intentando algo conmigo. “Tal vez fue un error,” me justifiqué. Después de… (continue reading)

The famous Omelette Man saved my ass in Jodhpur

It was 2011 and it was the last part of my 2 month trip in Southeast Asia, where I traveled with an ex-girlfriend through China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and India. We were in Jodhpur, the beautiful Blue City, with the imposing Mehrangarh Fort as a background, craving some non-indian food since our stomachs were having… (continue reading)

Photo Essay: The contrasts of India

I’ve always thought that saying that a country is a “country of contrasts” is SO cliché that it’s not worth saying it anymore, but this time I do have to tell this and I believe that anyone that as ever been to India will agree with me: India is the country of contrasts, by excellence…. (continue reading)