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A perfect day in Holbox island

This perfect day in Holbox Island started out as any perfect day should start: With a massive breakfast and tons of laughs. It was also the first time that Zoé, Alex, Kim, Vincent and I traveled together as a group and we couldn’t have chosen a better spot to go to than Holbo, a paradisiac island just a couple of… (continue reading)

Instant Memories: El Palomar

After visiting every building in the beautiful mayan site of Uxmal(or so I thought), I was ready to leave. As I started walking to the exit with my pal Rolando, he noticed a small road covered by trees which we hadn’t seen before and despite our feet being tired as hell, we decided to explore a little bit more. Luckily,… (continue reading)

Instant Memories: Campeche and its ghosts

I got to spend several days in the beautiful city of Campeche, where I joined the Mexican Independence Day festivities and visited some of the most iconic places in town. While I was there, I found out there was an exposition of several sculptures on the main walking street and one of those—the one pictured here—got… (continue reading)

Instant Memories: Playa Carrizalillo

Next on my series of Instant Memories is the beautiful beach of Carrizalillo. Located just a few minutes away from the main bay of Puerto Escondido, it is the perfect place for learning how to surf. Not only that, the beach itself is quite beautiful and it quickly became my favorite in the area. Carrizalillo is a small… (continue reading)

Instant Memories: Punta Cometa

We’d walked for almost an hour to get to the part of the cliff where we’d watch the sunset in Punta Cometa—the best place for sunsets in Mazunte because of its privileged location. I set up my cameras and sat down on the tall grass, almost over the edge of the cliff that faced Playa Mermejita.  There… (continue reading)

Instant Memories: Sumidero Canyon

Continuing with my series of Instant Memories, here’s the one from my trip to the Sumidero Canyon, the first one from my journey through Latin America. With its 1000 meters, from the surface of the Grijalva River to the top of the canyon, it is one of the biggest canyons in the world and a really… (continue reading)

Reliving Coachella through snapshots [Instant Memories]

Last weekend I went to Coachella for the first time in my life and wanted to capture the whole experience in a very special way so I bought a Fujifilm Instax 210 camera and decided to start working on a new category for the blog: Instant Memories, where I’ll be featuring my favorite instant pictures… (continue reading)