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Celebrating Hanal Pixán, the mayan Day of the Dead

As we were walking down the stairs leading into the Cenote de La Vida—Cenote of Life—guided only by the flickering light of candles at regular intervals; the sound of drums, horns and chants were echoing all around the walls of this semi-dry cenote. Huge trees were shadowing the main area where the rest of the ceremony… (continue reading)

Camping in Mahahual, Mexico

Mahahual is a small and developing town in southern Quintana Roo, on the Yucatan Peninsula, mostly known for being the place where the Central American coral reef starts, which attracts hundreds of tourists in search of good diving/snorkeling experience. My first impression of Mahahual was that it felt like a little Cancún, with its streets full of… (continue reading)

A perfect day in Holbox island

This perfect day in Holbox Island started out as any perfect day should start: With a massive breakfast and tons of laughs. It was also the first time that Zoé, Alex, Kim, Vincent and I traveled together as a group and we couldn’t have chosen a better spot to go to than Holbo, a paradisiac island just a couple of… (continue reading)

Bacalar and the lagoon of the 7 colors

Bacalar is a small town located in the southern part of the mexican state of Quintana Roo. Frequently overlooked by tourists in search of white sands and turquoise waters, it is still kind of a lost jewel in the Yucatán Península. What makes Bacalar so beautiful? Its huge multicolored lagoon, with 7 different hues, white sands and mangroves which… (continue reading)

The pink waters of Las Coloradas

When I first heard of Las Coloradas and later saw the pictures on the internet, I was a little bit skeptical of its veracity, but my curiosity was strong enough that it forced my pal Vincent and I to leave the lovely city of Valladolid for a quick day trip to the northern part of the mexican state of… (continue reading)

My favorite camping spots of 2014

2014 was the first time I backpacked with a personal tent and I definitely intended to use it as much as possible, so I camped whenever possible. Luckily, this gave me the opportunity of camping in some incredible spots, which I list below: Hierve el Agua It was the first time I used my tent and… (continue reading)

My favorite landscapes of 2014

In 2014, I was lucky enough to see and photograph some really astonishing landscapes across Mexico, Belize and Guatemala, and making a list of my favorite ones was not an easy thing to do. Despite this, there are several landscapes which I cannot erase from my mind and hopefully, I’ll see them again in the future. San José… (continue reading)

My favorite adventures of 2014

They say life is an adventure but this 2014 has been way more adventurous than any other year in my life and I couldn’t be more happy about it! Ever since I started this project and decided to quit my job and travel, something switched in my mind. For the better, of course! I know we still… (continue reading)