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A magical afternoon in San José del Pacífico

It was the same afternoon after our amazing mushroom trip in San José del Pacífico. I was just coming down from it after almost 6 hours of intense hallucinations in the woods and was in love with everything and everyone, still feeling some of the effects of the mushrooms. The sun was going down behind the mountains… (continue reading)

Camping in Hierve el Agua

From the moment I discovered it was possible to camp at Hierve el Agua, I knew I wanted to capture a sunrise over there, showing a face of the place I have never seen before. There is just one other place in the world where you can find a landscape similar to Hierve el Agua In order… (continue reading)

Instant Memories: Punta Cometa

We’d walked for almost an hour to get to the part of the cliff where we’d watch the sunset in Punta Cometa—the best place for sunsets in Mazunte because of its privileged location. I set up my cameras and sat down on the tall grass, almost over the edge of the cliff that faced Playa Mermejita.  There… (continue reading)

San José del Pacífico, a town in the clouds

Located between the City of Oaxaca and the relaxing beaches of its namesake state, San José del Pacífico is a small town located on top of the mountains, surrounded by a constant layer of clouds and forest. It is mostly unknown and ignored by tourists, but those who stay are in for a big surprise. I knew about it… (continue reading)

Inside the 20 de Noviembre market

I arrived at Oaxaca very early in the morning, after one of the worst nights on a bus ever, so I was a little bit tired, to say the least. Since I was Couchsurfing, I didn’t have a place to stay until my host was ready to receive me, so I walked around downtown until I luckily found… (continue reading)

Bar Hopping: San Cristóbal de las Casas

The moment I arrived at San Cristóbal de las Casas, I knew I had to go Bar Hopping through the city. Anywhere you look, there’s a cool bar where you can have cold beer and tasty tasty mezcal, recently one of my favorite drinks—despite its strength. So I sacrificed myself for this blog’s sake and started walking and drinking around San Cristóbal de… (continue reading)

Eating my way through Guadalajara

The first thing I noticed when I mentioned I was going to Guadalajara is that everyone over there is super proud of all their local food, so doing a post about most of their specialities was a no-brainer. I arrived at ‘Guanatos’—as the locals call it—on an afternoon, and from that moment I had a little bit more… (continue reading)

Paddling to the center of Lake Pojoj

Lake Pojoj is one of the more than 59 lakes located inside the perimeter of the Lagunas de Montebello National Park, which spans across the state of Chiapas and Guatemala. And even though I’d love to see them all, we were only able to see 7 of those lakes on that day—Pojoj being my favorite… (continue reading)

The day I took my mom on an adventure

There’s no denying it. Once you decide to start backpacking every time you travel, there will be people constantly worrying about your integrity, no matter how well you explain them that you have the same amount of risks while staying in just one place than traveling around the world. In my case, my mom is the… (continue reading)

Agua Azul waterfalls

Patience is one of the most valuable virtues a photographer can have, specially if you’re on a very touristic area like the Agua Azul waterfalls. We arrived at Agua Azul around 4:30pm and hundreds of people were still bathing in the waters and hanging around, so it was really hard to shoot a good panoramic photo… (continue reading)