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Hiking through the Negev Desert

How long have you been in Israel for?”, they asked as we were going up the first ladder that would take us up to the entrance of the Wadi Tamar canyon, in the Negev Desert. “We arrived at 1am. So around 8 hours, I guess…”—I said, with a worried smile and black under my eyes… (continue reading)

Celebrating Hanal Pixán, the mayan Day of the Dead

As we were walking down the stairs leading into the Cenote de La Vida—Cenote of Life—guided only by the flickering light of candles at regular intervals; the sound of drums, horns and chants were echoing all around the walls of this semi-dry cenote. Huge trees were shadowing the main area where the rest of the ceremony… (continue reading)

El Tunco, a surfing paradise in El Salvador

El Tunco, a small surfer town in El Salvador, was the first place I visited in the country and the last spot of my 2014. After passing a couple of months without surfing(as if I surfed a lot), I was more than excited to try it one more time and I was even happier since I was traveling with my friends Zoé… (continue reading)

The beautiful secrets of Lake Yojoa

I have to admit it, before going to Honduras for the first time, I was part of that big group of travellers who are afraid of passing through it because of the bad publicity the country has around the world. A lot of the backpackers I met while I was living there saw Honduras(and El Salvador,… (continue reading)

The mayan community of San Miguel, Belize

Whenever I thought of Belize, I mostly thought of it as a Caribbean paradise, an odd mix between English and the Garifuna culture. Never did I realise that—now obvious—it must have had an old indigenous past, as well. Deep inside the Toledo District in Belize, you’ll find a very special kind of Mayan communities: small towns spread through the jungle,… (continue reading)

Discovering El Mirador, home to the highest mayan pyramid

The first time I heard of El Mirador, I was traveling in Mexico with a couple of guys that were planning on doing this challenging trek through the guatemalan jungle, in search of the highest mayan pyramid. After investigating a little bit more, I couldn’t take this lost mayan city out of my mind. The Site El Mirador… (continue reading)

A perfect day in Holbox island

This perfect day in Holbox Island started out as any perfect day should start: With a massive breakfast and tons of laughs. It was also the first time that Zoé, Alex, Kim, Vincent and I traveled together as a group and we couldn’t have chosen a better spot to go to than Holbo, a paradisiac island just a couple of… (continue reading)

My most popular photos of 2014 on Instagram

2014 has come to an end and it was definitely an incredible year, with lots of new adventures, friends, places visited and, most of all, pictures. So, to finish this year recount, here are my most popular pics on Instagram: 05. Las Coloradas, Mexico I still can’t believe there are places like this in the world…. (continue reading)

Calakmul, a photo essay

Calakmul has been—by far—my favorite mayan site of this journey, so far. Not only because of the rewarding feeling of reaching it after a really hard trip, but also because of its rawness and impressive beauty. Located 60km away from any sign of civilization, you can’t get anything more authentic than this. For now, I’ll leave you with… (continue reading)

Jungle trekking to the ruins of Palenque

The second time I visited Palenque was quite different from the first one. I was with my australian friends and instead of doing the ordinary ride on a bus, we did a jungle trek near the area of Palenque. We joined several other travelers and together we went through some really interesting paths, waterfalls and ruins outside… (continue reading)