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Learning how to surf at Carrizalillo beach

My main goal during my stay in Puerto Escondido was to learn how to surf and the best spot for this is the beautiful beach of Carrizalillo, a small beach in the middle of two cliffs a few minutes away from Puerto Escondido’s main bay. Is this the perfect spot for surfing or what? Just a… (continue reading)

In search of the perfect sunset in Mazunte

Mazunte is famous for being a laid back hippie beach, so when I first arrived there after several days in the cold mountains of San José del Pacífico, I was ready to just lay on the beach and barely move for several days. Surely, I wasn’t expecting to hike and discover another one of my favorite places in the state… (continue reading)

Camping in Hierve el Agua

From the moment I discovered it was possible to camp at Hierve el Agua, I knew I wanted to capture a sunrise over there, showing a face of the place I have never seen before. There is just one other place in the world where you can find a landscape similar to Hierve el Agua In order… (continue reading)

San José del Pacífico, a town in the clouds

Located between the City of Oaxaca and the relaxing beaches of its namesake state, San José del Pacífico is a small town located on top of the mountains, surrounded by a constant layer of clouds and forest. It is mostly unknown and ignored by tourists, but those who stay are in for a big surprise. I knew about it… (continue reading)

Going to Coachella on a budget and still have a blast

Ever since I started planning my trip to Coachella 2014 I was worried about how much money I was going to spend for the whole trip. I’d heard about how it was basically impossible to do it on less than $100 USD per day, without including the tickets and travel expenses. And since I’ve been… (continue reading)