Hermosillo, Mexico

Hermosillo at a glance

By Sergio Camalich

Hermosillo is the capital city of the mexican state of Sonora, south to Arizona and the second biggest state in Mexico.

Known for being one of the hottest cities in the world, as it is located on a big desertic area, it is also home to gorgeous women everywhere you see, lots of great food and the coldest beers you’ll ever have.

It will give you amazing sunsets, beautiful beaches near the city and lots and lots of good friends.

Not only that, with enough time, it will give you amazing sunsets, beautiful beaches near the city and lots and lots of good friends.

You might say it lives in the past, where honor is a men’s most important quality, but with a great mix of modern and cosmopolite.

Also, Hermosillo is the place where I saw the world for the first time. That’s why I had to use my short time here and make this short photo essay in honor of my hometown.

Here’s to Hermosillo and its people!

hermosillo-5Hermosillo seen from far away

DSC_0086Its beautiful cathedral, constructed between 1877 and 1908

DSC_0108Hundreds of families gather around the main plaza each sunday

DSC_0048A downtown street with the Cerro de la Campana in the background, Hermosillo’s main emblem

DSC_0044The city market

Mercado-1A typical market stall menu

Mercado-2Here you’ll find one of the best Barbacoas you’ll ever eat

Mercado-3The best way to finish your tacos is to drink all that juicy goodness straight from the plate

DSC_0067One of the many amazing sunsets I’v experienced in the city

hermosillo-2Tired of civilization? Take a walk into the wild outside the city’s limits


Have you been to Hermosillo? Tell me what you think of it in the comments section!

  • Seeing your beautiful pictures reminded me of how much I miss home ❤️ Great work!

    • Hi, Isabel! Thanks a lot for your comment!

      I didn’t realize how much I missed home until I came back. It felt good being back for a while.

  • Carlos López

    Man, i’m from hermosillo, my 29 years i been living here, and i’m soon to embark on a new adventure on to Yucatan.

    I’ll be missing this place a lot…except for the summer heat, no one will miss that, xD

  • Jose salcido

    I miss home too,,, thank you for a good writing and great pictures… all the way from the phillipines

  • m

    Hermosillo AT a glance is the proper way to say it.

  • Alma Puente

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful pics. I´ve lived abroad and it is always a pleasure to come back home. Now I´m in Hermosillo enjoying all the big city amenities with the smell of province!! Very proud of my state Sonora and my hometown Cananea. Cheers!!

  • Guillermo

    Gracias por compartir las fotos excelente post lleno de nostalgia y bellos recuerdos, lejos de la capital del mundo desde el 2007

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