Río Dulce, Guatemala

The hot waterfall of Finca Paraíso

By Sergio Camalich

I first read about this place while browsing my feed around Trover and was immediately skeptical of its veracity, so when I decided to change my travel route and go back to southern Belize, it was only fair to make a small detour to Río Dulce, Guatemala and from there, experience this place with my own eyes.

To get there, we took one small colectivo from Río Dulce’s main road and walked the small path that leads from the Finca Paraíso’s entrance point to the river.

At first glance, this place is utterly beautiful and if you don’t know that there’s hot water flowing around, you might not even notice the vapor it comes out where hot meets cold.

It is only until you’ve swam the whole way through the cold river and you reach the hot bottom of the waterfall, that you realise the uniqueness of Finca Paraíso.

You can climb to the top of the waterfall, where you can jump from 7-8m into the river, relax on the natural pools and enjoy the medicinal mud. And if you’re up for a walk, you’ll also be able to walk up the hot spring river and reach the point where the water begins.

I can’t deny the fact that I cried in this place.

If you’re planning on going, you should plan ahead and give this place several hours, because trust me, leaving Finca Paraíso(or trying to leave) will be the hardest thing you’ve done.

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