In which we talk about our beginnings

By Sergio Camalich

Every great story has a beginning. This one starts from the interest in travelling and leaving something further than our moment in time, an idea that had been roaming through my mind for a long time and it wasn’t until I talked about it out loud, that it started becoming a reality, with the dedication and support from all the crew and every person that has been interested on the project so far.

We’re still working on the last details before we start our funding campaign on IndieGogo and shouting into the world that The Arcae Project is a reality and that we are dedicating years of our lives to it.

The process has been rewarding and we know that in the future we will face challenges even bigger, which we are willing to overcome so everything works out. Because this project doesn’t just belongs to this small group of crazy people, it belongs to every person on the planet.

We believe that we are on a turning point for humanity. Constant changes in society prove it and this might be our last chance of making a truthful record of ourselves as individuals, living the day to day life, fighting for our hopes and dreams.

This ark is not looking to become a distant echo, travelling from the past to the future. It looks to portray humanity as a whole; in good and bad, in pink and grey. But above all, in life and all those different roads that lead us.

Every great story has an ending. Help us achieve it.


Where next?