Campeche, Mexico

Instant Memories: Campeche and its ghosts

By Sergio Camalich

I got to spend several days in the beautiful city of Campeche, where I joined the Mexican Independence Day festivities and visited some of the most iconic places in town.

While I was there, I found out there was an exposition of several sculptures on the main walking street and one of those—the one pictured here—got my attention, so after the celebrations of the night before, I took advantage of the town’s general hangover and went walking through the empty streets of Campeche.

Once in front of the statue, I took out my instant camera and tried my luck with it, since I had to open it recently and the film might have been worthless.

Luckily, the picture came out all right and even better because of some overexposed details, which added an eerie feeling to the scene—consequence of the opening of the camera.

Sometimes, imperfections are quite perfect!

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