Mazunte, Mexico

Instant Memories: Punta Cometa

By Sergio Camalich

We’d walked for almost an hour to get to the part of the cliff where we’d watch the sunset in Punta Cometa—the best place for sunsets in Mazunte because of its privileged location.

I set up my cameras and sat down on the tall grass, almost over the edge of the cliff that faced Playa Mermejita.  There were only three other people a couple of meters away from me, my friend Santiago and a couple, and no one moved or dared to speak. We just stared at the Sun going down in the horizon and let the sound of the waves soothe us.

Time passed slowly but there was no rush.

And just as the Sun started to touch the ocean, I looked to my left where the others were. The colors and the mix of water, sky and rock was just perfect.

At that moment, I felt like this was the best spot in the world to be, without a doubt.

The best memories are made of moments like these.


Where next?