Mexico City

Last status before quitting my job and start traveling

By Sergio Camalich

So it begins! The last month before I quit my 9-to-5 job and leave Mexico City for good to start dedicating my whole time on The Arcae Project and my freelance works, for as long as humanly possible.

After living here for almost three years, I can surely say these have been the best years of my life, so far. But better times are yet to come.

That’s why I wanted to talk about my current status before taking that big leap into the unknown:

What’s going to happen after I quit?

I’ll go back to my hometown for the whole month of July to visit my family and friends but also finish my current freelance projects plus some other that will start soon.

I’ll also try to create some videos about the state of Sonora and will prepare all the final details for my trip before coming back to Mexico City on August, where I’ll stay for a couple of days and then hop into a bus that’ll take me to the city of Oaxaca, my first stop on this crazy adventure, before backpacking the rest of the Yucatan Peninsula, Central America and then South America.

I can’t stress enough how anxious I am because of this. I’ve been planning and waiting for this time for more than a year and seeing it slowly become a reality is both scary and exciting.

But mostly scary.

How will I fund everything?

I’m definitely not rich nor hardcore enough yet to travel without money, so I’ve been saving money religiously for quite some time now and I should be OK for around 8 months or so without earning a single dime on the road.

Also, I’ll be carrying my trusty 17″ Macbook Pro to help me do some freelance work while travelling. So if you have any Web Design project that you want to be beautifully done, send it my way and I’ll do it! You can check my portfolio here.

Plus, any donation is greatly appreciated ;)

How long will this trip last?

My mom will hate me for this, but the truth is: I. DON’T. KNOW.

I definitely don’t wan’t this trip to take me forever to finish (or do I?), but a rough estimate is that I’ll be traveling for at least 1 and half years, maybe two, after I leave in August. Then I’ll decide if I come back to Mexico, stay for a while wherever I’ll be or (my favorite) cross the Pacific and beyond.

I really really want to make this right, that’s why I wanna take things slow and not rush anything. Quality, not quantity!

Hey! And if you miss me, you can always visit me anywhere I am :)

Do I have everything I need?

Almost, yes!

Though I have the majority of my gear ready to go, I still have some smaller things left to buy:

– A lighter and smaller sleeping bag.
– Rechargeable batteries.
– First aid kit.
– A third extra battery for my camera.
– Remote shutter release.
– Lens filters.
– Pole with a strap for the GoPro.

And that’s it! Everything will fit inside my Titan 65 High Sierra backpack and a smaller High Sierra Mayhem backpack, both bought from Amazon.

Let’s go!

This is just getting started and if you’ve liked the project so far, you’ll be surprised with what is coming. I have lots of plans and ideas to work on, so stay tuned and you won’t be disappointed.

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