San José del Pacífico, Mexico

A magical afternoon in San José del Pacífico

By Sergio Camalich

It was the same afternoon after our amazing mushroom trip in San José del Pacífico. I was just coming down from it after almost 6 hours of intense hallucinations in the woods and was in love with everything and everyone, still feeling some of the effects of the mushrooms.

The sun was going down behind the mountains as the clouds rolled through them, giving the landscape and even more magical atmosphere.

Slowly, everyone in the Doña Catalina Hostel started to gather around the panoramic terrace of the hostel, sitting quietly in every empty space available and I was lucky enough to have a front row seat.

Every now and then, someone whispered an astonished exclamation and I knew it was not just my trip creating this incredible sunset. Everyone else was also seeing it.

No one moved until well passed sunset and even then, just to come back a few minutes later to watch the starry night.

Techical Stuff

Camera: Nikon D5300
Shutter speed: 1/8
Aperture: F/16
Focal length: 55mm


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