Mexico City

Mexico City’s downtown at night [Photo Essay]

By Sergio Camalich

Since I moved to Mexico City, I’ve been fascinated by all the crazy and amazing things you can find downtown.

From it’s wonderful mix of Colonial, Art Deco and Modern architecture to all the regular characters you’ll find along the walking street of Madero, you’ll always find something new to be amazed by. Plus, if you’re lucky enough, you might be surprised by an opera show from a balcony or even a free concert in the middle of the Zócalo.

All this beauty is even more impressive at night, when all the streetlights give a romantic vibe to the whole area, so that’s why I decided to make a quick tour by night and hopefully capture a small part of all this I’m telling you.

One more thing that I’d like you to notice, specially for foreigners, is safety. Despite the news you might get, Mexico City is one of the safest cities you’ll find in Mexico and all around the world. With police all around, specially in touristic areas, you’ll have nothing to worry about.

A couple walking through La Alameda with the Torre Latinoamericana as a background

DSC_0467Clown shows always gather a big crowd

DSC_0496Cars in front of the Monumento a la Revolución

Torre Latinoamericana DSC_0604
Waiting to cross Eje Central can take you days
Finding love in every corner
DSC_0697Inciting a revolution?

DSC_0652Listening to a street opera show

DSC_0725There’s always time for some pop corn  DSC_0772And for music DSC_0521“You want it, we have it!”





  • Monoca Morales

    Excelentes imagenes……primeros y segundos planos que transmiten sensaciones, olores y hasta voces!!!!!……lo interesante tambien, es la seguridad que mencionas que hay en esta bella y superpoblada ciudad…..FELICIDADES!!!!!

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  • Gerardo Vazquez B

    Bonitas fotos, un abrazo

  • rosalva

    Excelentes fotos !!

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