Xilitla, Mexico

My first sunrise of 2014 at Xilitla, Mexico [Highlight]

By Sergio Camalich

It was almost 6 in the morning and I was feeling a little bit hungover after a night of drinking on the nearest bar to Casa Caracol, the amazing place where I’d been staying for the last couple of days. The day before, Santos –the friendliest taxi driver in Mexico–, told us that this day was going to be a cold one because the moon was covered by clouds. And man, did he got that right.

After a few minutes of fighting to get out of my warmed up cot, I quickly put on my boots to get out of the teepee I was sleeping in. Brianda and Lucía, my roommates, were still asleep so I moved around as slowly and quietly as possible.

And there I was, duck walking through the teepee’s entrance, when I opened the door and faced this jaw-dropping sunrise in the middle of the jungle. I couldn’t do anything else but stare into the horizon and giggle.

Golden sky, dark green leaves, the smell of wet dirt and the mist rising from the ground. This was something I’d never seen before. It was wonderful.

Technical stuff

Camera: Nikon D3100
Shutter speed: 1.3 seconds
Aperture: F/22
Focal length: 18mm
ISO speed: 100


Checkout the full resolution image at my Flickr account.

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