Photo Essay: The contrasts of India

By Sergio Camalich

I’ve always thought that saying that a country is a “country of contrasts” is SO cliché that it’s not worth saying it anymore, but this time I do have to tell this and I believe that anyone that as ever been to India will agree with me:

India is the country of contrasts, by excellence.

I noticed this from the first moment we arrived at India, while crossing New Delhi on a full-speed-nerve-wrecking taxi drive, running in front of a 5 stars hotel just across a bridge with full families sleeping under it.

The country hides so much beauty that you have to keep your eyes wide open or it’ll pass right by without you noticing it. I must admit that it’s hard sometimes and you can get into stressful situations, like the time we almost weren’t able to book our trains or when we had to almost run from a Muslim market in Jaipur, but once you get pass them and give yourself the chance to enjoy whatever experiences you’re having, you’ll notice that you have just loved India as much as I did.

Nonetheless, I have so many stories, good and bad, from my 2 and a half weeks there, that I might share them on this blog very soon. On the mean time, please enjoy this photos.

Disclaimer: This photos were taken while I was backpacking the country back in 2011. Sadly, I’ve lost all my Hi-Res files so I’m making my best here to show them to you with the best quality possible.


291965_10150298951140025_149807822_nMaking dinner in the middle of the Jaisalmer’s desert


296874_10150298940040025_1819840005_nJodhpur’s fort


298042_10150298927695025_1623342762_nAll the cool kids want you to take pictures of them


304124_10150298931120025_1270848076_nAnd I really mean it when I say “all the kids”!


298872_10150298943755025_647468446_nMystical lady inside a forbidden part of the Jodhpur’s fort


300921_10150298951885025_109331595_nMy ass hurt after a full day of riding this funny guy


313282_10150298924585025_583106640_nKids diving into the water in Udaipur


311306_10150298941370025_297066020_n“Hurry up!”


316069_10150298890110025_164313264_nThe view from the hostel’s terrace in Agra


315747_10150298888200025_1215642856_nFriends talking by the Taj Mahal


320470_10150298860925025_1311298208_nThey see me rollin’, they hatin’


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