Batumi, Georgia

Batumi’s cityscape

By Sergio Camalich

Coming into Georgia and seeing the 180° turn that is Batumi, when compared to almost any other city in Turkey, was a funny realisation.

Neon-lighted skyscrapers with super modern architecture next to beautifully decorated buildings with Art Nouveau motifs; fancy 24/7 casinos next to uniquely designed churches; and a lot of other little details, made Batumi a contrasting yet very enjoyable city.

On my last night in the city—and in spite of the rain—I decided to take a walk along the bay, following the main harbor road that lead outside of the city.

More than an hour later, I found an isolated piece of rocky beach to sit down, with a great view of the cityscape.

From there, the glow of the downtown area lighted up the sky.

The ‘mysterious’ Georgian alphabet(which I’ve learned how to read since then), encircling the Alphabet Tower like a DNA strand, the Meridien Hotel and its mini ferris wheel way up high, plus all the other buildings not pictured in here—everything made to impress the visitors.

A surprise, considering I didn’t know much about Georgia, until just a couple of weeks before getting there—and that feeling would be a constant through all the I spent traveling around the country.

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