Olympos, Turkey

If Nature was a religion, this would be its temple

By Sergio Camalich

My time in Olympos was mostly spent between morning hikes through the forest and a lot of working during the afternoons.

For more than a week, I’d walk up to the archaeological site, less than 100m from by treehouse, but instead of visiting the site, I’d go up the nearby mountains and follow the Lycian Way, a famous trail full of beautiful surprises.

The view from the bottom of Olympos.

The view from the bottom of Olympos.

Every day, the view on this picture welcomed me to a new episode of pleasant solitude; and even though I’ve been actively looking for it, the deadness of the low season helped a lot—no other tourist but me, for days.

Is it just me or experiencing all this beauty brings a kind-of-religious side on you? Even if you didn’t know you have it.

Am I starting to have theological issues at this age? It’s funny, once I think about it.

I guess, what I’m trying to say is: I wouldn’t mind praying, if that’s what it takes to live in a paradise like this.

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