El Cuco, El Salvador

The first time he saw the ocean

By Sergio Camalich

It was right after New Year’s Eve and everybody seemed to be on a good mood. Zoé, her mom, Alex and I had spent the last few days in El Tunco before making our way towards El Cuco—a huge beach in the central coast of El Salvador.

If there’s one thing I love doing, is watching people go. So, after a couple of beers and a nice meal, I left alone and sat on the golden sands of the public beach, waiting for the sun to set behind the cliffs that went right into the ocean.

That’s when I saw the image of a father helping his son as they approached the waves.

The child jumping and screaming in total delight as the water passed through his feet, the man laughing at this and enjoying every single second of this unique moment.

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