The Crypt of Civilization: The first and biggest time capsule

By Rocko San

We’ve all heard at some point about a time capsule, for there are many.
There are even movies about time capsules that link the past to the future and so forth.
But what is really, a time capsule?

A time capsule is a historic cache of numerous and different sort of items, usually element proof, with the sole purpose of being open in the future, for various reasons, archeological, anthropological, technological, or simply to leave a message.

So lets jump into the first -considered- official time capsule ever.
And we find ourselves back in 1935, Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, GA.
Where Dr. Thornwell Jacobs, at the time president of Oglethorpe University (but who also was an author, educator, and a Presbyterian minister), was struck by the lack of reliable and accurate information regarding ancient civilizations, was that his work. So due to his frustration, Dr. Jacobs came up with a brilliant idea for future generation of scientists, and began to device the plans to keep in the most scientific manner every bit of information, knowledge and objects, a crypt that would be called The Crypt of Civilization, and not only that, but Dr. Jacobs looked back on the first recorded date in history, which is about 6000 years ago, so he decided that the vault should be opened within 6000 years hence, in the year 8113 A.D.

Thornwell Jacobs

We’re talking of a humongous load of work and responsibility, for which Dr. Jacobs called in one of his colleagues, a scientist of versatile experience, Dr. Thomas K. Peters, and so began to work on the Crypt in August, 1937, and continued until June, 1940.

Thirty three months had passed, and a gigantic amount of knowledge and information did this two gentleman gather. The accumulated information acquired during the 72,000 months of the last 6000 years. Just imagine, having the book of every subject of importance known to mankind in the same place, hundreds of fiction and novel books, maps, blueprints of every one of mankind inventions all made to scale such as our means of transportation, communication, etc.
Also all kinds of still photographs, giving the history of the United States, motion pictures, sound radio records of important speeches, the games and pastimes, sports of the last century, panoramic views of the great cities of the world, medical, surgical subjects, items regarding all kinds of subjects, navigation, art, aviation instruments, and even an apparatus that teaches how to speak english, in case it is no longer spoken by the time the capsule is open.
Nonetheless to say that they outsmart any vandal tempted to rob the vault by leaving exact fictional copies of precious materials, such as gold, silver, and organic materials, like fruits, vegetables, and kinds of plants.

The crypt

So the gigantic Crypt located under Phoebe Hearts Hall, lies sealed from the 28th of May 1940, with instructions that those massive stainless steel doors, are not to open until the 28th day of May, 8113 A.D.

So that leaves me just wondering how it’s all going to look when the year 8113 comes, will a most evolved and intelligent kind of humans still preserve the place for it to be opened, or could it be that maybe nature has claimed the place with a giant flood, or maybe it’s all destroyed by the time, one can never know, for all I hope is that humans learn to live in harmony with their surroundings for that the day may come and our kind has the opportunity to look back on the humans of our time (XX – XXI century) the way we look upon ancient civilizations, and really learn from us.

For a complete list of the objects in that vault, visit this link.

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