Belgrade, Serbia

2015 — The year I lost

By Sergio Camalich

2015 will be marked in my books as the year I was a complete loser.

I lost my fear of water and spent hundreds of hours underwater.
I lost my sense of direction and ended up where I had to.
I lost to someone better than me and felt proud about it.
I lost a lot of time but earned a lot of memories.
I even lost the loosing battle, yet won.

I got accepted, but mostly rejected.

I broke my camera lenses after falling into a river in Belize, burned my hardrive in Honduras, crashed a car in Mexico, lost everything in Poland and my train to Serbia ended up in flames.

Funny to think that a year ago, I was celebrating in the beaches of El Salvador. The coming weeks seemed as unstable as the sand removed by the force of the water flowing through my feet.

I told people I was traveling and freelancing, but hadn’t landed a job in several months. Almost cashless and demotivated, I was ready to pack my things and go back home.

And as I write this, I can look back and know that in spite of everything, I made it farther away than I thought I was capable of, with the help of dozens—if not hundreds—of people who helped me along the way, from close relatives to complete strangers.

Motivating me; offering me a helping hand; giving me food and shelter; trusting me with their projects; making me feel like home; advising me; and just by the fact of being there at the right time.

Now here I am, in the middle of what seems to be transforming into a Round-The-World trip. Not even in my wildest dreams!

In the end, this is just a bad thank you letter to everyone who’s been part of this loser’s year.

It’s been an incredible experience.

I am truly grateful.

  • Mónica Morales

    Felicidades hijo mío de mi corazón!! Te amo!!!

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