Travel Diary #07

By Sergio Camalich

Every two weeks I’ll be publishing little excerpts from my travel diary to show a little bit more of what I live every day. These are taken from December 1 through 15.


Once more, that stressful feeling of not doing much. But I kinda like this routine of just cooking, reading and roaming down the streets.

As time goes by, I realise that that I like being with people to do stuff, otherwise I lose motivation. Yet, I feel a little bit antisocial compared to everyone else on this hostel.

Damn, the days are getting kinda mixed now. What have I done lately?

Waking up for the sunrise always makes me feel awesome.


Music and beers on top of a half-submerged house during the morning and met once more with my ‘travel family’ during the afternoon. Feeling good, baby!

Fact of the traveler #37 : When a traveler really wants to party, he’ll do anything to find it.

Walking at sunrise through a small town in Guatemala, still drunk and hyped from last night’s party, wearing a scarf and a dark bathrobe with a pattern of fluorescent margaritas and other cocktails. Definitely one of the most ridiculous moments in my life.

I payed for my first private room in 4 months and it only costed me 40Q. Plans can change, right?

Online movie dates are awesome!


3 chicken buses and a 3-hours hike to the basecamp of Tajumulco. I experienced altitude sickness for the first time in my life and I felt like I wan’t gonna make it.

From the top of Tajumulco, we were able to watch Guatemala as it woke up and later, sunrise above the clouds.

So what started out as an innocent walk on the local market, ended up as a crazy drunk session with the locals at a clandestine bar.

Started my second trek of the week today and walked for 8 hours, up and down the Guatemalan countryside. My knees are more than busted!

This time, it’s not my body the only thing falling apart. My backpack’s straps ripped, along with both my shoes. This trek is killer, but worth it!


Waking up at 5am to catch the sunrise from inside my tent, which was located on the border of a cliff. It doesn’t get better than this!

Where next?