Palenque, Mexico

Jungle trekking to the ruins of Palenque

By Sergio Camalich

The second time I visited Palenque was quite different from the first one.

I was with my australian friends and instead of doing the ordinary ride on a bus, we did a jungle trek near the area of Palenque.

We joined several other travelers and together we went through some really interesting paths, waterfalls and ruins outside of the main site of Palenque, completely off the beaten path.

DSC_0022Admiring the jungle of Palenque

DSC_0027One of the several waterfalls in Palenque

DSC_0031Funny mushrooms

DSC_0047Doing some monkey business


DSC_0057The desolated path

DSC_0082A forgotten building outside the Palenque site

DSC_0096An ancient Mayan aqueduct still working

DSC_0112Rob getting some fresh water from a river

DSC_0129Stepping on slippery rocks

DSC_0139More pretty waterfalls

DSC_0150The best part of our trek!

DSC_0156We arrived late to the ruins so we got a free entrance to the site

DSC_0164And almost no tourists!

DSC_0169Free avocados inside Palenque!

Where next?